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11+ for students

DABS Private Tutoring can guide you through the 11+ process. I am here to help make learning a little more fun. I will make sure you know everything you need for the 11+ exam and that you are prepared for the test day.

When you book a course with me, you will be given the 11+ Programme of Study. This will show you, in greater detail, the necessary requirements to study for the 11+ exams.

Through the 11+ course, I make sure each topic is covered and that the lesson is tailored to suit your learning style. Download the guide below to see which topic for the 11+ need to be covered and tick them off as you go.

Once you have chosen to sit the 11+ exam, there will be a build up to the test day. This stress can make the whole process very demanding. Always remember that, no matter what the outcome from the exam, you will know that you have done your best.

Maths core skills as part of an 11+ study plan.

In terms of maths, I suggest you focus on the following:

  • Every day, challenge yourself with some mental maths work. Practice your times tables including associated number facts. Use the practice sheets in the downloads section to keep your mind active.
  • Don’t forget the word problems to really challenge yourself. Again there are practice questions in the downloads section of this website.

It is essential that the focus is on accuracy at this stage.

English core skills as part of an 11+ study plan.

On the English side of the 11+ revision plan, I suggest you focus on the following:

  • Focus on spelling. Look at the National Curriculum Spelling Lists for Years 4, 5 and 6 and aim to spell these accurately. This should be covered in all Primary Schools. These lists can be downloaded from the downloads section. There you will find an additional list for further development.
  • Read every day. Aim to read at least 30 minutes a day. This is really important.
  • Many 11+ exams will contain difficult texts, reading classic texts as part of the revision process is also important:
    • Hans Christian Anderson- Fairy Tales
    • Brothers Grimm- Fairy Tales
    • Roald Dahl- Story Collection
    • Enid Blyton-Malory Towers series- Book collection
    • Enid Blyton- Famous Five series- Book collection
    • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- The Lost World
    • Frances Hodgson Burnett- The Secret Garden
    • Arthur Ransome- Swallows and Amazons
    • C.S Lewis- Narnia Series
    • Laura Ingalls Wilder- Little House on the Prairie
    • Laura Ingalls Wilder- Little House in the Big Woods
    • E. Nesbit- The Railway Children
    • Mark Twain-  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    • Mark Twain- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    • Daniel Defoe- Robinson Crusoe
    • Lucy Montgomery- Anne of Green Gables
    • E. Nesbit- Five Children and It, The Phoenix and the Carpet and The Story of the Amulet
    • William Golding- Lord of the Flies
    • J.R.R Tolkein- The Hobbit
    • J.R.R Tolkein- The Lord of the Rings
    • George Orwell – Animal Farm
  • As part of the revision practice make sure you use practice papers. DABS Private Tutoring use recommended practice papers for the 11+. Leading up the the exams make sure the papers are the same format e.g. GL Assessment (Multiple Choice).