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11+ for Parents

DABS Private Tutoring has over 8 years experience seeing that children get through the 11+ exams. I understand how challenging it can be for some children and prepare each lesson with your child in mind. Each lesson is individually suited and tailored to your child with an aim to ensure they are ready for the 11+ exam in September.

Call us as early as possible to secure a place with DABS Private Tutoring, in the meantime read this useful guide for parents.

The 11+ exams can be a stressful time for parents and students. If you would like your child to go to either Devonport High School for Boys, Devonport High School for Girls or Plymouth High School for Girls then he / she will have to sit an 11+ Exam.

All schools admissions tests assess the student’s ability using the GL Assessment Maths and English papers. In addition to this DHSB also provide their own English paper.

Links for 11+ school’s admissions pages.

Knowing the admissions process for the grammar schools is critical. Visit the relevant school’s websites to find out what the admission rules are. You will also find out more information regarding the 11+.

Admission rules can change from year to year, so ensure you check the websites at the time of application. Find out about the testing process, what the test consists of and when they take place.

Managing stress for children

At some point during the Eleven Plus process, most children will experience some stress. Regardless if the outcome, reassure children of their future schooling, that the second or third choice is still a suitable alternative.

Reassure children that you will be proud of them no matter what happens. You child will have put a great deal of hard work in preparing for the test and it takes courage to sit in the exam room.

Some parents promise an expensive gift for their child at the end of the process. If the gift is offered in return for passing the 11+ then consider how this could affect your child should he / she not qualify.

Download my general tips guide for parents of children sitting the 11+ exams.