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Mock Exams

11+ Mock Exams

Mock Exams

Mocks exams have previously taken place at the Liskeard Public Hall. The Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately prevented these from going ahead. I am now pleased to be able to offer three sets of online tests. Each set consists of a maths and and English multiple choice paper. Each set is £25 and will be marked and sent back with full feedback within three days. The feedback will be a score (percentage) and suggested areas for further study.

There will also be an opportunity for students to be assessed on an English composition. Download the instructions from the mock exams page here and complete the composition. Bring this along plus the small additional fee and we will provide feedback based upon the DHSB marking criteria. The fee for this service is reduced to £5 if your child is sitting the mock exam, or £10 if you only require the composition to be assessed.

Composition theme and practice exam paper.

This is an excellent opportunity for children to benefit from the experience of sitting an exam albeit, online. It is suggested that the parents time each student for the online test, as there is not a timer available.

Benefits of a mock exam.

In Plymouth, only one in four grammar school applications are successful, in some areas this can be as low as one in ten. So, children wishing to gain a place at the much sought-after grammar school, rests on the all-important entrance exam.

We will offer children the experience of simulated exam conditions to help them in their preparation. With our own children we discovered that they could become very uncomfortable with the prospect of sitting an examination in a room filled with strangers and this can frequently result in some distress or worry. By sitting a number of mock exams children are able to become familiar with the examination setting, therefore worry and distress are reduced.

We will test your child with others, enabling you to accurately judge how well their preparation is going compared with other children intending to sit the 11+ exam. It has been proven that mock exams can provide an accurate indication of the final exam positioning and multiple mock exams over time will allow a parent to track their child’s progress.

We will provide parents with a results report providing you with your child’s score, percentage and placement out of the mock exam group for every test. Additionally we will also provide notes detailing suggestions to aid your child’s future performance.

It has been established that sitting a number of mocks can improve a child’s performance in the Grammar School entrance examinations. They’re a fantastic form of practice plus the practice provided is excellent value.

Why book an Eleven Plus mock exam with us:

  • Detailed feedback
  • Mock test papers returned
  • Access to test questions and answers
  • Mock test results within one week

The Benefits of an Eleven Plus mock exam:

  • Overcome examination nerves
  • Learn to work against the clock
  • Level 6 English and Maths tasks
  • Practise English composition

Please note: the Plymouth Schools, Eleven Plus exams also include an internally set English paper, testing English composition. If you would like your child to be assessed for English composition then please bring along a completed English piece. The download link below will provide the instructions and theme for the composition. There will be an additional cost of £5 per piece if your child is sitting the exams or £10 per piece if you require only the composition to be assessed.

Approximate finish times as children will sit two papers, one English and the other Maths. Both papers are 50 minutes with a 10 minute comfort break.

The cost of sitting each mock exam session is £25 and includes: detailed feedback within three days; exam papers returned with answers and a fully insured, DBS checked tutor on hand for any questions.