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I am slowly putting together a selection of resources for parents, teachers and children to download and support their maths. These downloads are free of charge but please give credit to me and my website if you choose to share them.

This is an 11+ Guide for Parents which offers hints and tips on how to cope with the stress of the Eleven Plus Exams. It has been compiled with suggestions from children who have sat the exams in the past.

Listening to your child read

Listening to your child read can prove to be a struggle, particularly if your child is just learning or struggles. It is worth reading this guide to help avoid some of the stresses.
Guide for listening to your child read.

500+ Eleven Plus Word List

More than 500 words used in Eleven Plus tests around the country. These are commonly used for finding synonyms and/or antonyms. |
Click here to download

Understanding how to round numbers

Understanding number and being able to round numbers can make calculations easier. For example children will be able to estimate the answer as a way of checking the accuracy of their work. This guide puts the rounding process into 6 easy steps that can apply to rounding any number to any place value.
Instruction guide for rounding numbers.

Rounding hidden word puzzles

Below are some practice sheets for children to have a go at rounding using the instructions which can be downloaded from the link above. There are four pages: rounding the 1000, 100, 10 and the nearest tenth. There are two identical sheets on each page.
Rounding Hidden Word Puzzles

Times Tables Practice Grids

I have provided four different times table grids for children to practice. Children should allow a maximum of ten minutes to complete the grid and if it’s not completed then this will aim as a target for the next session. If children do complete the grid then their target for the next session will be a quicker time.
Times Tables grids to practice

Times Tables Practice Worksheets

Below are links for various times tables practice sheets. As a result of repeated practice in a variety of ways, times tables knowledge can be improved. Each times table is focussed individually to aid recall and by repeating them in a different way will really reinforce their learning.

The times tables worksheets include a wearable times tables reminder watch; practice your times table with skip counting and a roll and multiply, dice game.
Download times tables worksheets.

Times tables riddles are all about using division facts to find the solution to a simple riddle. Once again, these are grouped into a single times tables fact family.
Download times tables riddles.

Times tables number search. These are very similar to word-searches, however children are searching for the number sentences shown on the left hand side. Children should fill in the signs between the numbers so that they make sense.
Download times tables word searches.

As a result of knowing their multiplication tables, children should be able to rapidly recall their counterparts. The division word searches provide similar practice to the number searches above.
Download times tables division word searches.

Lastly, I have provided a free download for children to learn the fact families for their multiplication facts.
Download multiplication fact families sheets.